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VeinSolutions: Toledo, OH


The Jobst VascularPhysicians, Inc. (JVP) is recognized as one of the most respected vascular surgery centers in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan. Established in 1979, the practice has grown to six vascular surgeons. In January 2000, JVP established a new division called VeinSolutions. This office is dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of cosmetic and therapeutic vein problems. The Toledo VeinSolutions office is composed of three board-certified vascular surgeons.


VeinSolutions takes an innovative approach to vein care. Our board-certified physicans are dedicated to using the latest technologies in the diagnosis and treatment of varicose and spider veins.


The office concept is new. VeinSolutions is committed to both cosmetic and therapeutic vein care. We’ve set things up with you in mind. We have provided a convenient location and a comfortable environment, which is staffed by a patient focused team of knowledgeable professionals.


Our knowledge and experience are time honored. In practice since 1975, our surgeons have a combined total of more than 85 years of experience treating vascular diseases. Our surgeons are specifically educated and trained to assess, diagnose, educate and treat patients with venous problems.






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